As of 30.11.2018, the current EPC application will be replaced by Parts Information.
Detailed information can be found under:
Service and Parts Information > Parts Information
Finding the right replacement parts quickly and reliably
Vehicle servicing can only start once all of the right parts are at hand. The Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) provides service employees with optimal support in determining the parts they need. With modern search and navigation functions, the service employee is able to compile a list of the required replacement parts very quickly. The parts can be stored in purchasing lists generated in the EPC. The service employee can simultaneously create and manage as many lists as required. The contents of the purchasing lists can be easily transferred into commercial EDP systems.
Quick search
The search functions in the EPC rapidly guide the user to his or her goal through various selection criteria. Just one keyword – and the EPC searches the entire database. Service employees can restrict their parts searches to a particular model series or model or, by entering the vehicle identification number (VIN), can display just those spare parts which are relevant to a particular vehicle. The EPC is thus able to provide data very precisely and effectively.
Data content
The EPC contains replacement parts for the Mercedes-Benz, smart and Maybach brands (excluding Evobus)
Mercedes-Benz vehicles as of manufacture year 1946
Vehicle data cards as of manufacture year 1978*
Approx. 600,000 replacement parts
Approx. 30 million vehicle data cards*
Approx. 13,000 different model designations
Over 21,000 special equipment options
Over 140,000 special equipment variants
Special tools (as of 03/2014) **
* Please note that only data cards of Mercedes-Benz and smart vehicles for the European market are stored in the EPC. It does not contain data cards for vehicles which were not produced for European markets. If you encounter a VIN for one of these vehicles (e.g. a reimport from the USA), the data card symbol in the EPC is grayed out and no data card is available.This means that the system does not filter the parts for this vehicle and multiple hits are displayed during part searches. The user then has to manually select the right replacement part.
** As of 03/2014 special tools have been integrated into the EPC. Identifying part numbers and ordering special tools is thus possible via the EPC. A detailed description of how to identify special tool part numbers can be found in the “What's New?” article in the EPC.
In which languages is the EPC available?
Both the language of the user interface and the language of the content (part designations) can be selected by the user. The following languages are available in the EPC:
German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish*, Russian*, Turkish*, Japanese*, Chinese*
* Only some content is available in these languages. If individual data are not available in the language selected in the EPC, these are displayed in the language which has been preselected in the EPC as an alternative language (e.g. English).

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