Is payment with a credit card secure?
Your details will only be used for the Service & Parts net portal. 128-bit SSL encryption is used for data transfer. This method is now the established worldwide Internet standard. You can recognise a secure transmission from the locked padlock icon at the bottom of your browser window.
What payment options do I have?
The following payment options are available:
Payment by
  • Credit card (Mastercard, VISA) or
  • PayPal (direct debit, debit card, bank wire transfer).
What is PayPal?
PayPal is a service ( that enables you to make electronic payments online to third parties - in this case to Service & Parts net. The standard payment source (e.g. bank account or credit card) you select when registering with PayPal will be debited when you pay through PayPal. PayPal sends the online payment to Service & Parts net.
How do I register with PayPal?
In order to use PayPal to make payments in Service & Parts net, you will first need to sign up with PayPal ( Once you have successfully registered with PayPal, log in to your PayPal account. If you have already registered with PayPal then you can log in immediately to your PayPal account.
Then double check that your payment details are correct and confirm the payment amount. This concludes your part of the payment transaction. PayPal will then send the online payment to Service & Parts net. The use of PayPal to make payments is always free of charge for you.
Is there any way for me to take a look at the applications before placing an order?
The live systems cannot be accessed for testing purposes. However, brief instructions and a demonstrator are available in the portal (only for WIS, ASRA).
Special consideration when ordering WIS together with ASRA
Please note that when ordering WIS and ASRA at the same time you can only select the same access periods for both systems. For example, if you already have purchased an access authorization for WIS for 1 year and then subsequently want to purchase an access authorization for ASRA, this is only possible after the current WIS access authorization has expired, due to technical reasons. However, if you want to purchase an access authorization for ASRA sooner, you must register for it as a new user.
VAT ID number and tax number
During registration you will be asked to enter your VAT ID number and not your tax number. A company shipping and receiving goods within the European Union must also acquire a VAT ID number in addition to a tax number.
Why am I not able to register at Service & Parts net with my Spanish value-added tax number (VAT number)?
You can only register in the Service & Parts net portal if your Spanish VAT number in the AEAT (Agencia Estatal de la Administración Tributaria) database has already been activated for transactions within the EU (businesses within the European Union). If your VAT number is only activated for domestic use, it will not be possible to register because we are unable to verify your VAT number.
For further information about verification, please read the European Union FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) at
Why is this transaction identified on my credit card bill as "Snap-on" and not as Mercedes-Benz or Daimler AG?
Snap-on Business Solutions Ltd. provides the technical information on this website - - on behalf of the owners Daimler AG so that users have access via the Internet. For further information, please see our Terms and Conditions.

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