EPC - Data card is not displayed
If no data card is stored in EPC for a certain vehicle, the data card icon will be grayed out.
If, after entering the complete vehicle identification number (VIN), the vehicle's data card is not available and the data card icon is grayed out, this may be due to any of the following reasons:
  • The VIN is incorrect as entered. Please double check the VIN, in particular the World Manufacturer Code (e.g. WDB, WDD, etc.) at the beginning
  • The vehicle is still too new and will first be added with the next EPC data update (data is updated 11 times per year, once a month except in December).
  • The VIN entered is for a vehicle that was not intended for a European market but rather for the USA or Japan, for example
Long response times
Long response times may occur if a PROXY setting is being used in which the IP address was entered. To speed up response times, please replace the IP address with the server name.
"Error 456 - License already in use"
This error can occur after your computer has crashed and EPC and/or WIS, ASRA were not ended properly beforehand. Please wait 30 minutes. No other steps are necessary. After 30 minutes have expired, you will be able to start the applications again without any problem.
"Download core jare file failed"
If you see this message, please contact your IT administrator. This error occurs if the KEN software product (versions older than 3.00.84) is being used as the PROXY server. To solve this problem, deactivate the software or use a newer version.

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