How do I install XENTRY Tips on my PC?
XENTRY Tips is not installed on your PC. TIPS is a web application that you launch and use with your Internet browser. Please note the system requirements for using Tips.
I have received my user name and password, but I still can't log on!
Please use these instructions: Instructions for resetting your initial password.
If you have any further questions, please contact Support.
What information is included in XENTRY Tips?
XENTRY Tips contains the latest, up-to-date solutions for technical problems for vehicles in all Mercedes-Benz and smart product groups (passenger cars, trucks, vans).

This information will be provided by product managers and service experts, as well as diagnostic authors at plant service, GSP/T and the MPCs.
Is service information also available in XENTRY Tips?
No. Service information is only available in WIS.
Is there a function in XENTRY Tips to search for the relevant topics for special complaints?
Yes! The XENTRY Tips Reader offers a variety of search paths:

  • By vehicle model and design groups (document search)
  • By VIN/model series and symptom (inquiry with symptom search)
  • By VIN/model series and free-text search according to topic (inquiry with free-text search)
  • By VIN/model series and control units/fault codes
  • By means of key words from the complaint, which helps you find relevant topics and/or symptoms with free-text searches.
When should I use XENTRY Tips and when should I use WIS?
You should always use XENTRY Tips in the following cases:
  • When you find no or incomplete complaint-specific diagnosis and repair information in Star Diagnosis or in the standard literature (WIS) (e.g. because the complaint is totally new and previously unknown).
  • To check if there is some new, current information in XENTRY Tips before contacting the workshop technical support service.
  • When it is known that XENTRY Tips already includes more up-to-date information.
Can XENTRY Tips also be used offline? In other words, can I also use XENTRY Tips without a network connection as well?
No. The special strengths and benefits of XENTRY Tips are due to the fact that it contains the latest information and is the fastest way to make these topics available to workshops. This is only possible if the system is online to retrieve the latest data.

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