What is the DSB?
DSB stands for the new “Digital Service Booklet” online platform. The DSB is used to record data pertaining to vehicle service and maintenance. After a workshop has successfully completed service work, the relevant data are entered into a central database that is protected against access by unauthorized persons. With this new electronic system, it is no longer necessary to record service work in a conventional workshop booklet. A digital service report is generated in the DSB system, printed out and handed to the customer as official proof of completed service work.
Can service and maintenance work on Mercedes-Benz vehicles also be documented without the DSB?
The use of the online service documentation system is mandatory for all vehicle model series that have been converted to the DSB because this is the only way that genuine maintenance records can be generated for Mercedes-Benz vehicles.
What prerequisites do I have to meet to obtain access rights to the DSB system?
You can obtain access to the DSB if your computer meets the system requirements and you are an independent workshop that is able to professionally service and repair Mercedes-Benz vehicles in accordance with manufacturer specifications. In addition, you must completely fill out and send in a registration form at https://b2bconnect.daimler.com/
When will I have access to the DSB?
After your registration form has been received, your data will first be checked for completeness. The Mercedes-Benz national organization for your country will verify the correctness of the workshop data that you entered and carry out an identification procedure. After your workshop has been successfully identified, you will be sent your DSB log-on information (user name and password) by e-mail.
What does it cost to access and use the DSB?
There is no charge for these services.
How do I install the DSB on my PC?
The DSB is not installed on your computer. It is a web application that you launch and use with your Internet browser. Please note the system requirements for using the DSB.
Can I access the DSB system from different computers?
Yes, you can access the system from any computer that meets the system requirements and has an Internet connection. However, you cannot simultaneously log on to the application from different computers using the same user ID.

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