What conditions must a workshop meet in order to be able to apply the speed limitation on the V module?
  • In Germany, the member of staff must be authorized in accordance with section 57b/d of the German vehicle licensing regulations on presentation of a speed limiter complying with section 57c of the German vehicle licensing regulations. Otherwise, the laws of the country concerned shall be observed.
  • Users require a User ID with XENTRY Flash and the Vmax user authorization.
  • The Star Diagnosis system must be networked.
How do I get XENTRY Flash and Vmax access data?
User application forms may be found under the "Order Contacts" heading in XENTRY Flash. These must be filled out and signed, and then sent to your national administrator.
Who administers access rights?
XENTRY Flash access rights, which also permit access to the new Vmax online process, are managed by the XENTRY Flash administrator for each country.

Please note that in some countries the use of the online maximum speed limitation, Vmax, requires special training or a certificate for issuing the Vmax user role.
What is the purpose of the documentation of speed limitation?
The "Documentation of speed limitation" form appearing at the end of the process in DAS shall be printed out and handed to the customer. The form must kept with the vehicle documents and shown to the appropriate authorities on demand.
Who must be contacted in the event of problems with the online process?
Contact the Star Diagnosis Call Center if you have problems during the online process.

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