Which diagnosis software/hardware should I use: diagnosis for standard PC or for Star Diagnosis/XENTRY Kit/XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 3?
The diagnosis solution for standard PCs (XENTRY Pass Thru EU) is only recommended if you already have a diagnosis PC/laptop – possibly with other diagnosis applications from other manufacturers – and if you only want to diagnose Mercedes-Benz/smart passenger cars and vans certified to Euro 5/Euro VI or Daimler Trucks (trucks, buses) certified to Euro VI. Model series/models which are not certified to Euro 5/6 or Euro VI (e.g. W210 cars or Euro VI commercial vehicles) are not covered by XENTRY Pass Thru EU.

The full scope of diagnostic functions for all model series is only available with the standard solution on the XENTRY Kit/XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 3 platform.
Does the diagnosis for standard PCs also include XENTRY DAS so that I can process Euro 5/VI models from older model series?
Yes, both the XENTRY Diagnostics EU (for existing customers only) and XENTRY Pass Thru EU variants include Xentry DAS for diagnosing older model series, but this is limited to vehicles certified to Euro 5 or VI. XENTRY DAS is fully integrated in both of these variants and can be brought up through the XENTRY user interface.
When using a diagnosis solution for standard PCs, can I also order XENTRY DAS (for earlier model series) or XENTRY Diagnostics (for newer model series) separately?
No, the diagnostic scopes are only available in the XENTRY Diagnostics EU (only for existing customers) and XENTRY Pass Thru EU variants, which include both XENTRY Diagnosis and XENTRY DAS.
How do I obtain a StartKey for a diagnosis solution for standard PCs? Which StartKeys are required?
A StartKey is required both for XENTRY Diagnostics EU (for existing customers only) and XENTRY Pass Thru EU. After receiving the starter kit, you must request the StartKey and also the contract number required for the StartKey for XENTRY Pass Thru EU from support. The "Hardware ID Reader" tool for determining the Hardware-ID required for the StartKey can be downloaded from the XENTRY Shop while placing an order. The StartKey is supplied online, is checked regularly by the software online and does not have to be entered manually on the PC/laptop.
What are the system requirements for using a diagnostic solution for standard PCs?
The terminal must meet the following system requirements:
  • Administrator rights for installation and updates
  • Windows-compatible PC or Laptop with at least an Intel I5 processor or a comparable model
  • Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 7 is no longer supported as of Release 12/2019
  • At least 8 GB main memory (RAM), 16 GB recommended
  • At least 150 GB free storage capacity, SSD hard drive recommended (due to performance and mechanical durability)
  • Browser: Edge for Windows 8.1 and 10
  • Broadband Internet connection via LAN/WLAN
  • Blu-ray/DVD drive (expected to be discontinued from 12/2019)
  • Microsoft .NET 4.0 (or higher) installed (http://www.microsoft.com)
  • Oracle Java 1.8 and Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength installed (http://www.oracle.com)
  • Diverse URLs and ports in the local or network firewall/proxy enabled (see overview)
How and where can I obtain a diagnosis solution for standard PCs? Is such a solution only available through the XENTRY Shop or can I get it through my national representative, MPC, general distributor or other source?
The diagnostic solution version for standard PC, XENTRY Pass Thru EU, can only be ordered and purchased from the XENTRY Shop. The diagnosis solutions for the XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 3 platform are, in contrast, available from the respective national representatives.
What do the diagnosis solutions for standard PCs cost?
A detailed overview of pricing can be found here in Service & Parts net under "Diagnosis world" / "Diagnostic solutions for standard PCs" / "Prices".
What contract periods are available for the diagnosis solutions for standard PCs?
XENTRY Diagnostics EU was leased to customers for a period of 36 months. The contract and thus access to software and software updates, access to diagnostic data via time credits and rights to use support services end automatically after 36 months. Users are expected to return the Star Diagnosis SDconnect multiplexer included in the XENTRY Diagnostics EU lease package without further solicitation at the end of the contract period. Annual flat-rate usage fees must be paid for the use of diagnostic data for the duration of the contract.
XENTRY Pass Thru EU is initially leased to users for a flat-rate usage fee for 12 months. The contract ends automatically after this period, but can be extended through the purchase of additional flat-rate services for an additional year.
Why, even though I have already paid a flat-rate usage fee for a given diagnosis solution for standard PCs, do I also have to purchase prepaid time units to access the diagnostic data used with it?
Diagnosis time credits are only used to pay for the actual time-based use of diagnostic content; costs that accrue for users are therefore based on usage and not calculated as a lump sum. This makes it possible to charge lower flat-rate fees, which are used for all fixed costs such as administration, sales and ongoing support, thanks to separate billing of time credits for actual diagnostic content.
How can I find out how many prepaid time units are remaining in my account?
The remaining time credit – for the selected vehicle category – is shown whenever you begin diagnosis (after launching diagnosis in XENTRY frame).

The time credit balance is also displayed in the XENTRY Shop under "My Account" > "My Time Credits", when the system number is entered. 
How are the prepaid time units "used up"?
The diagnostic account balance is checked every time diagnosis is launched for a specific vehicle from the XENTRY frame. If there is no credit unit that is currently active or "running", the next available unit will be used. The credit unit will then start to run from this time on, even once the diagnostic process, or XENTRY, is terminated. This means, for example that a one-hour credit is valid for exactly one hour after activation, even if the user only performs a few minutes of diagnostic work and then exits XENTRY. If the user launches the diagnostic program after this one-hour time frame, a new credit unit will be activated. If a credit unit expires during a diagnosis session, the diagnosis can be continued until the user switches to the next vehicle.
What do I have to do if my hardware (Hardware ID) changes?
The customer can change the Hardware ID in the XENTRY Shop under "My Account" > "My Systems" by selecting the corresponding system number.
Who do I contact if I have questions about or problems with my prepaid time units for diagnosis and how do I contact them?
Please contact Sales Support (Customer Support Center) at "Contact". Please note that all issues concerning time credits for diagnosis must be submitted to the non-technical, sales support team.
When using the diagnosis system for standard PCs, do I always have to be online?
Yes. Diagnosis for standard PCs is an online diagnostic solution: when starting XENTRY Diagnostics EU (for existing customers) or XENTRY Pass Thru EU, access authorizations and application data are compared online; without an online connection this check will fail and it will not be possible to start XENTRY. When launching diagnosis from the XENTRY frame, available time credits for the user account will also be queried online; if the credit balance cannot be checked online, it will not possible to start diagnosis.
Who do I contact if I have other kinds of questions about or problems concerning diagnosis services for standard PCs and how do I contact them?
For sales enquiries (StartKeys, time credits for diagnosis or similar), please contact Sales Support at "Contact".
For technical queries (software, hardware, updates or similar), please contact Technical Support at "Contact".
The support team will also gladly return your call and assist you with further troubleshooting.
Is XENTRY Pass Thru EU also available for service operations outside of the EU?
No, these products are only available within the EU.
Please note that XENTRY Pass Thru EU may only be ordered by users whose registered place of business is within the European Union (EU) or in Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway. Users with registered place of business in Switzerland cannot procure XENTRY Pass Thru EU.
Is XENTRY Diagnostics EU no longer available?
The "XENTRY Diagnostics EU" diagnosis variant for standard PCs with the SDconnect multiplexer is no longer available as of January 01, 2018. However, the current XENTRY Pass Thru EU variant offers full diagnosis functionality for Euro 5/6/VI vehicles in combination with a commercially available Pass Thru device.
I have the XENTRY Diagnostics EU variant. How does the discontinuation of this product affect me?
As an existing customer, you will not be affected at all by the discontinuation of XENTRY Diagnostics EU. You will still receive software updates and support and can purchase time credits for diagnosis. At the end of the contract, return your XENTRY Diagnostics EU devices and you will be able to purchase XENTRY Pass Thru EU with almost identical functionality and use it with a commercially available Pass Thru device.

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