The new measurement technology standard: XENTRY Scope.
XENTRY Scope* replaces the HMS 990 USB measurement technology for XENTRY. This means that the previous functions are retained and supplemented with further features with the corresponding accessories:
  • Resistance measurement
  • Noise and vibration measurement (NVH)
  • Communication networks (FlexRay)
  • Engine test
  • Pressure measurement
  • Temperature measurement
* Standard for Cars, Vans and Trucks up to 200 V. Up to 500 V is possible with the high-frequency test and measurement range sensor
  • Optimized for touchscreen operation
  • Automatic detection of sensors and adapters
  • Preset measurements with pass images
  • Regular updating via the release updates of the XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 3
  • No external power supply required through power supply unit

For further information, please see the XENTRY Scope brochure:
Note: XENTRY Scope is only compatible with the XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 3 | Kit 4 diagnostic system.

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