Brief description
With guided online procedures, XENTRY Flash supports you in starting up and programming ("flashing") the control unit, with SCN/CVN encoding, as well as with the input of equipment codes for retrofitting and conversions.
You can use XENTRY Flash on Mercedes-Benz cars (Mercedes-Benz Cars, smart, Maybach, SLR) and Mercedes-Benz vans.
For trucks, we offer an online process for the parameterization of control units, which accelerates data availability in the workshop after the after control unit replacement.
Added value for users
The processes are fully integrated into the diagnostic software (XENTRY Diagnosis, XENTRY DAS). Overall, fewer manual interventions are required by the mechanic:
Automatic SCN encoding and VeDoc redocumentation
After control unit programming, SCN encoding runs automatically (if permitted by the control unit), as does redocumentation in the Vehicle Documentation System VeDoc.
All changes to the vehicle and the control unit software are updated on the VeDoc vehicle data card.
Single sign-on process (Single-Sign-On)
After users have signed in to an After-Sales application (e.g. XENTRY Flash, WIS net etc.) once, they no longer have to sign on for the central online systems. However, for security reasons, the user is signed out from the online systems after one hour of inactivity.

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