In accordance with the EC regulations (715/2007, 692/2008, 595/2009, 582/2011 and 64/2012), we offer a special diagnosis solution for standard PCs exclusively for independent market operators: XENTRY Pass Thru EU
To operate this variant of XENTRY Diagnosis, it is not necessary to have XENTRY Kit | Kit 2 or XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 3 hardware or a XENTRY multiplexer (SDconnect, XENTRY Connect, XENTRY Diagnosis VCI).
XENTRY Pass Thru EU is compatible with commercially available Pass Thru devices that support the SAE J2534 standard.
Scope of functionality and diagnosis in XENTRY Pass Thru EU:
Almost full scope of diagnosis (quick test, basic diagnosis, flashing & coding of control units, reading/erasing of fault memories, Guided and Functional Diagnosis) with the exception of technical limitations due to the Pass Thru devices with the SAE J2534 Pass Thru standard:
  • Only single-channel quick test and functional diagnosis (therefore longer runtime)
  • Basic diagnosis only in XENTRY Diagnosis
  • No DoIP – Diagnosis over IP (Ethernet)
All passenger car model series (Mercedes-Benz and smart) certified to Euro 5 or 6 with diagnosis via CAN (DoIP model series prior to BR 223: Only flashing of head unit and instrument cluster)
All van model series (Mercedes-Benz) certified to Euro 5 or 6 with diagnosis via CAN
All commercial vehicle model series (Mercedes-Benz and EvoBus brands) certified to Euro VI with diagnosis via CAN.
Further information on these diagnosis variants can be found in the XENTRY Pass Thru EU sub-menu item.
XENTRY Pass Thru EU does not support any model series and model designations other than those specified above. If you need fully comprehensive diagnosis for all model series and model designations, we advise you to use the standard diagnosis solution XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 3. .
You can find further information about this under the "Hardware" navigation item in the navigation menu.
Please note that the "XENTRY Diagnostics EU" product version is no longer available. However, regular customers will continue to receive updates, credits and product support for this variant.

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