The price structure for the purchase and use of XENTRY Pass Thru EU consists of both a fixed and a variable price component.

Fixed Price Component
Product-specific annual flat-rate fee for online operating costs and commissioning of support services
Variable Price Component
Consumption of the acquired time credit units for the use of diagnostic data
Automatic control of the use of time credit (with the diagnostic application)
A credit balance unit is opened with the start of the diagnosis and continues even after the end of the diagnosis session or exchange of the vehicle until the unit has expired
Note:Please note that time credits purchased by mistake or that are no longer needed cannot be returned or reimbursed. In addition, unused or unactivated time credits cannot be refunded once the contract expires. If the contract is extended, however, the credits can be carried over.
Prices for XENTRY Pass Thru EU
Flat-rate usage fee (1 year) 110,00 € / year
    MB passenger cars /
CV / vans smart
  1 hour 12,40 € 9,00 € 6,70 €
Prepaid time units 1 day 49,40 € 37,10 € 27,00 €
  1 month 394,00 € 293,00 € 218,00 €
  1 year 2.665,00 € 2.020,00 € 1.467,00 €

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