• The fixed user fees and time credits for XENTRY Diagnostics EU (for regular customers only) or XENTRY Pass Thru EU can only be ordered in the XENTRY Shop
  • Other ordering channels (fax, e-mail, telephone ordering from Mercedes-Benz AG, ordering through the national organization/MPC or through a Mercedes-Benz representative etc.) are not possible
  • Payment for fixed user fees/time credits
  • For details on the ordering, payment and invoicing modalities, please refer to the General Terms and Conditions (Ts&Cs) of the XENTRY Shop
  • If you are an educational establishment that wishes to order XENTRY Pass Thru EU, please contact Sales Support at xentry.customer.support@daimler.com before placing an order.
Important Note:
You can only order one diagnostic application, either XENTRY Diagnostics EU or XENTRY Pass Thru EU, for a specific computer and only operate the given diagnostic application on this one computer.

To order XENTRY Pass Thru EU, you must belong to the authorized group of persons as per the EU. If it is determined that you are not a member of the authorized group of persons, we reserve the right to block your access.

XENTRY Flash is password-protected for use in XENTRY Diagnostics EU (existing customers) and XENTRY Pass Thru EU. Access authorization for XENTRY Flash is required for each diagnostic system user. To request a XENTRY Flash user account, please contact your market-specific contact person (see XENTRY Flash > Order contact).

Location of business:
Please note that XENTRY Pass Thru EU can only be ordered by customers with a business location inside the European Union or in Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway. Users with their location of business in Switzerland cannot acquire XENTRY Pass Thru EU.

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