New requirements for flashing and diagnosing vehicles as of the facelift of the new E-Class
There are new security requirements as of June with the facelift of the new E-Class. Everyone who wants to work on the vehicle will require personalized access – both for simple diagnosis activities and for e.g. initial startup of control units. Additional information can be found here: Diagnosis user rights

Cessation of software support for XENTRY Kit | Kit 2 and XENTRY Connect on 30.09.2020

Over the last few years, the volume of diagnostic data has risen continually due to the introduction of new model series and technologies. The previous generations of XENTRY Kit I Kit 2 systems and XENTRY Connect are not designed to handle such large volumes of data. In addition, the increased requirements of the diagnostic and operating system software mean that the hardware is now also reaching its limits. Against this background, we are stopping software support and updates for these devices on 30.09.2020. The last update provision will be Update 06/2020.

Ordering of StartKeys for XENTRY Kit | Kit 2 systems and for WIS/ASRA Standalone will stop on 29th July 2020.

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