According to the regulation (EC) No. 595/2009 for the type approval of heavy duty vehicles, the Daimler AG is obligated to provide independent operators with Remote Diagnostic Support – a solution for the retrieval of remote diagnostics data from Mercedes-Benz passenger cars, vans and trucks.
The output of remote diagnostic raw data is delivered via an application programming interface (API) which outputs the data in JSON format. This means that the raw data must be integrated into a user interface in order to be used by an independent operator, such as e.g. technician / workshop / the customer / a third party.
The use of Remote Diagnostic Support requires a connectivity contract between the end customer and the Daimler AG or one of its sales organizations with active telediagnostics, which is available free of charge for customers of passenger cars and vans. Furthermore, the end customer has to activate the service “Interface to Third-Party Providers” and approve consent to data access by independent operators. Customers need to be informed about the intended use of their data.
Please find further requirements for the usage under "Preconditions / Technical Information".

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