With Remote Diagnostic Support (RDS) and Remote Maintenance Support (RMS), defined authorized independent operators according to Regulations (EC) no. 715/2007 and no. 692/2008 respectively receive access to diagnostic data and maintenance-relevant data from Telediagnostics-capable Mercedes-Benz vehicles (cars, vans and trucks) according to ISO standards ISO/DIS 20078 and ISO/DIS 20080.
The vehicle-generated Telediagnostics data are output via a programming interface (API), which supplies the data in JSON format. This means that the vehicle-generated Telediagnostics data must be integrated into an application in order to be used by a technician/workshop/customer/third party etc.
In order to be able to use Remote Diagnostic Support (RDS) and Remote Maintenance Support (RMS), the end customer must use a connectivity service in combination with an activated Telediagnostics service. In addition, the "third-party provider interface" service must be activated. Finally, the end customer must consent to usage-specific data access by the independent operator.
Please find further requirements for the usage under "Preconditions / Technical Information".
Please contact the Customer Assistence Center if you are interested in a Remote quicktest. We kindly ask new customers to set a register request in XENTRY Shop before contacting the Customer Assistence Center. To secure a prioritized fulfillment please refer to “Remote quicktest” in the subject within your email.

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