How will the change to Parts Information take place?
As part of the rollout, the change for registered EPC users will take place automatically using a script. In addition, all registered EPC users will receive a new Daimler UserID for logging into Parts Information when the change takes place (as of 30.11) (this is also valid for the Daimler applications of XENTRY Tips, WebParts and DSB).
If a registered EPC user already has a XENTRY TIPS, WebParts or DSB UserID, this UserID is also used for logging in to Parts Information.
Where do I get my new Daimler UserID and password for the parts information or where can I find this information?
The information with your new log-in data (Daimler UserID and password) is shown in a pop-up window immediately after you have logged onto the Service & Parts net Portal using your existing UserID.
How do I access Parts Information?
Detailed information on accessing Parts Information can be found here (link) .
Will the change from EPC to Parts Information result in additional costs for me?
No, for previously registered EPC users there will be no additional costs. These users will be switched over automatically to Parts Information. For all new registrations as of November 30, 2018, the generally valid prices apply (see "Service and Parts Information > Parts Information > Prices")
Is training documentation available on Parts Information? Where can I find it?
Yes, the following documentation is available on Parts Information and can be found on the page "Service and Parts Information > Parts Information" under "Links to Parts Information": 
  • User documentation : The user documentation contains a detailed description of all functions.
  • Quick Guide: Contains brief instruction on the added value, control elements and important use cases.
What happens with my previous user name and what do I use my new Daimler UserID for?
Your previous user name remains valid. You still use this to log in to the Service & Parts net Portal. If you also have access to the WIS, ASRA applications, you will also use your previous user name.
The new Daimler UserID is valid for logging in to Parts Information.
Is the new Parts Information system also a replacement for WebParts?
No, Parts Information only replaces EPC. Like EPC, Parts Information is solely a search engine for parts.
WebParts is used to order desired Mercedes-Benz genuine parts online. Further information on WebParts can be found under "Service and Parts Information > WebParts".
Are bus parts contained in XENTRY Portal Parts Information?
Evobus vehicles have been listed in their own parts catalog "OMNIplus BusParts Catalog" (BPC) since 2013. You can find further information at under the keyword "BusDoc".
Will I be notified about software and data updates?
"The software updates and the data update are conducted automatically in the background. Every software update has its own release notes, which introduce the latest functions. Modern software architecture updates data in very short cycles, without a separate message being involved. This means that documentation errors can be rectified very quickly. Ideally just after the message. "

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