When will the data supply process via Blu-ray Disk/DVD be discontinued?
As of October 2019, diagnosis updates, control unit software (Regio DVD) and Digital Operator's Manuals (DiBA) will only be available online through the XENTRY Update Service.

You will receive updates via Blu-ray Disk/DVD for the last time in September 2019.
How does the new update concept for diagnosis and control unit software updates work?
With the XENTRY Update Service, release updates and control unit software from the previous "Regio DVDs" and Digital Operator's Manuals (DiBA) are provided centrally by Mercedes-Benz AG over the Internet. These are downloaded to a local network storage device (Retail Data Storage) in the workshop and distributed to the linked XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 3 diagnostic devices via your workshop network.
Very small service operations with only one to two XENTRY diagnostic systems have the option of using the XENTRY Update Service without Retail Data Storage.
What are the advantages of the XENTRY Update Service?
  • Updating of diagnostic systems without manual effort.
  • Downloading of required control unit software takes place automatically during the diagnosis session.
  • You no longer have to look for DVDs, order them separately and wait – data is available faster and the effort required to manage data storage media is eliminated.
Are there different variants of the XENTRY Update Service?
Yes – The XENTRY Updates Service is available with Retail Data Storage and without Retail Data Storage.
When is the XENTRY Update Service without Retail Data Storage a viable option?
This variant is available to you as a fallback solution in the event of a defect with the Retail Data Storage and also for independent service operations with just one diagnostic system.
Please note that the XENTRY Update Service without Retail Data Storage downloads the diagnosis and control unit software updates directly from the Internet to your XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 3.

This places a greater load on the network, which is why we only recommend this option for workshops with one to two diagnostic devices.
Where can the XENTRY Update Service be configured?
Information on configuring the XENTRY Update Service can be found in the Support Tool on your diagnostic system.
Which diagnostic systems can be updated via the XENTRY Update Service?
For your XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 3 and also XENTRY Kit | Kit 2 systems, release updates (after prior configuration) are downloaded automatically by the Retail Data Storage.

XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 3:
On your XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 3, you configure the XENTRY Update Service in ConfigAssist.
Transfer of the release updates to the XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 3 takes place automatically. XENTRY Kit | Kit 2:
Configuration of the XENTRY Update Service for your XENTRY Kit | Kit 2 system is carried out in XENTRY Control.
Please note: Release updates must first be copied from the Retail Data Storage to a USB storage device and can then be installed from there in the usual way onto the XENTRY Kit | Kit 2.
How is the Retail Data Storage commissioned?
Various URLs and communication channels (ports) in the firewall must be enabled for initial startup. A wizard is used for configuration of the Retail Data Storage. After this, the Retail Data Storage unit must be paired to the XENTRY Diagnosis Pad through ConfigAssist. Your XENTRY Kit | Kit 2 is paired through XENTRY Control.
How can I order a Retail Data Storage unit?
Please order the Retail Data Storage unit through your familiar ordering channels.

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