Data for periodic technical inspection (PTI)
Within the EU, the current legal basis for the Periodic Technical Inspection (PTI) is the Directive 2014/45/EU from 3rd April 2014, on the basis of which we provide inspection centers and related authorities with access to technical information and documentation as and when required.

How to access the PTI data
The following overview contains a list of WIS document IDs corresponding to each model series. If you have a WIS time slot (access to the workshop information system), you can select and copy the WIS document ID below to view or download all related inspection documents contained in the WIS.
Process National authorities Process in general
Please contact our PTI Support for access to the PTI data:
1. Purchase WIS access
Registration for WIS/ASRA for commercial customers from Turkey:
Please select Turkey as the country on our home page and will then find the registration form for WIS/ASRA in the area on the right. (

Registration for WIS/ASRA for commercial customers from other countries in the EEA: XENTRY Shop

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  2. Copy document ID
Copy the WIS document ID that you require from the overview.
  3. Open WIS
Use the copied WIS document ID from your clipboard to access the desired PTI data in the WIS.

Documents for technical tests/inspections
Series WIS Document number
118 AD00.00-P-0001AC
166 AD00.00-P-0001K
167 AD00.00-P-0001AB
172 AD00.00-P-0001R
177 AD00.00-P-0001AG
190 AD00.00-P-0001P
205 AD00.00-P-0001D
213 AD00.00-P-0001G
217 AD00.00-P-0001L
218 AD00.00-P-0001A
222 AD00.00-P-0001C
231 AD00.00-P-0001S
238 AD00.00-P-0001H
247 AD00.00-P-0001AA
253 AD00.00-P-0001E
257 AD00.00-P-0001I
290 AD00.00-P-0001Q
292 AD00.00-P-0001J
293 AD00.00-P-0001AF
453 AD00.00-P-0001O
461 AD00.00-P-0001N
463 AD00.00-P-0001M
117, 156, 176, 242, 246 AD00.00-P-0001B
Series WIS Document number
Atego 967 AD00.00-W-0001NA
Econic 956 AD00.00-W-0001NE
Actros 963 with Code V2B (Actros Model Generation 5) &
V2F (Actros Model Generation 5 with S/M Cab)
Actros 963 with Code V2A (Actros Model Generation 1) &
V2E (Antos Model Generation 1)
Actros 964 with Code V3K (Actros Model Generation 1) AD00.00-W-0001HA
Actros 964 with Code V2I (Arocs Model Generation 1) AD00.00-W-0001HA
Series WIS Document number
X-Class 470 & 471 AD00.00-S-0001P
V-Class 447 AD00.00-S-0001E
Citan 415 AD00.00-S-0001C
Sprinter 907 AD00.00-D-0001TS
Sprinter 910 AD00.00-D-0001TSF
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