New diagnosis user rights as of 06/2020

With the introduction of the E-Class facelift and the new S-Class, a new security concept is being introduced, which will also have significant effects on the XENTRY Diagnosis software.

As of the 06/2020 data release, a prompt to enter a personalized user name and password will appear when accessing the new E-Class and S-Class. It is not possible to diagnose these vehicles without entering this information. This means that these vehicles can no longer be repaired/diagnosed without diagnosis access authorization. Every user must go through an identification process in order to acquire the corresponding user rights for the facelift of the E-Class and subsequent models. Please note that it is no longer possible to diagnose these model series with a XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 2. You will need a XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 3 at least.

A distinction is made between two types of user rights:
  • XENTRY Standard Diagnosis (for diagnosis users without XENTRY Flash authorization, e.g. for reading and erasing fault memories)
  • XENTRY Flash user (corresponds to the current XENTRY Flash user)

Please use one of the following options:

XENTRY Flash rights:
  • User already has Flash rights: Every Flash user must independently go through the one-off identification process at
  • User does not have Flash rights: User must request XENTRY Flash rights through the market-specific channel. They must then go through the identification process at

XENTRY Standard Diagnosis rights:
Every diagnosis user must independently request the Standard Diagnosis rights via and run through the one-off identification process. It may also be necessary for the market-specific ISP support to create the user in GEMS if they do not yet have a user ID.