As of 26.06.2020, access to WIS/ASRA for persons with annual access authorizations will be with a Daimler User ID via the After-Sales Platform After-Sales Platform. This does not include people from Turkey – who should select Turkey as the country on our home page and will then find the registration form for WIS/ASRA in the area on the right. (

New orders will automatically receive a Daimler User ID from now on, and access to WIS/ASRA will be via the: After-Sales Platform.

  1. If you do not have annual access authorization: Access continues to be via Service&Parts net.

  2. If you have already acquired annual access authorization for WIS/ASRA:

    a. You have a Daimler User ID:
    Your access authorization for WIS/ASRA is automatically migrated to this Daimler User ID. Log in as usual on the After-Sales Platform. Your password remains the same. You will then find the WIS/ASRA applications on the After-Sales Platform.

b. You do not yet have a Daimler User ID:
If you do not have a Daimler User ID, you will receive your access data by email prior to 25.06.2020. When you have logged in to Service & Parts net, your new User ID is displayed again. You will find step-by-step instructions below.

1. Logging in to Service & Parts net
Log in as usual using your Service & Parts net user name and password.
2. Notification with Daimler User ID and initial password
A notification is displayed containing your new Daimler User ID. You will already have received your initial password by email from
3. Changing the initial password
If you have not yet changed your initial password, go to the After-Sales Platform and change your initial password by clicking on "Modify password".
For further steps in changing your password, refer to the following instructions:

4. Logging in on the After-Sales Platform for access to WIS/ASRA
Log in. WIS/ASRA now appears in the list of applications. Click the button to launch the application.

Log in to the systems WIS, ASRA

Username :
Password :


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