Please note that the listed functions are only possible for Mercedes-Benz vehicles with telematics capability and subsidiaries of Daimler AG. The scope of functions of XENTRY Remote Diagnosis differs depending on vehicle model. Please refer to the following overview for the scope of functions:

Function Passenger Cars Vans Trucks Buses
Quick Test
Error code environmental data
Guided Tests
Wiring diagram
Control unit version
Request Quick Test later
Delete fault code 1 1
Repair forecast 1 1 1 1
Warnings & fault messages
Maintenance information Mileage only Mileage only Mileage only
Vehicle data Mileage only Mileage only
Data capability
Vehicle data card
Integration of parts
Transfer to XENTRY Diagnosis
Diagnosis record
1 Vehicle-dependent
Quick Test: The quick test shows the status for all fault codes in the vehicle in a clearly-arranged manner. The following functions are also available at the individual fault code level:
  • Fault code description and fault code freeze frame data
    • Guided tests: These can be conducted to a limited degree using XENTRY Remote Diagnosis. Where the functionality is not sufficient for the guided test, you can transfer the diagnosis session to the XENTRY Diagnosis Kit and the complete the test to its full scope.
      • Integration parts: Parts are proposed during the guided test that may be required for the repair. You can place these parts into a basket and distribute them.
        • Wiring diagram with selection option for individual components and zoom function.
          • Quick tests can be actively requested from the vehicle and fault codes can also be deleted (insofar as this is supported by the vehicle).

          • Repair prognosis: a repair prognosis is shown on the basis of the Quick Test result and our many years of workshop experience. This indicates probabilities for damaged parts and work required on the vehicle.

            Vehicle data: Basic information about the vehicle is shown here. This includes:
            • Warnings and fault messages
              • Maintenance information
                • Data capability (displays telematics status)
                  • Vehicle status
                    • Vehicle data card

                    • Diagnosis protocol: based on the Quick Test and the functions carried out with XENTRY Remote Diagnosis, a full diagnosis protocol is generated which you can use in the form of a PDF document.

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