How to get started with XENTRY Remote Diagnosis

A basic requirement for using XENTRY Remote Diagnosis is to obtain data sharing consent for independent service providers from the vehicle owner.

Here you will find instructions for a passenger car owner.

Here you will find instructions for CV (Bus, Truck, Vans) owner.

For further information please refer to the requirements for use in our XENTRY Remote Diagnosis Diagnosis FAQ.

(1) Download the app

If necessary delete any old version of XENTRY Remote Diagnosis. Next please scan the QR code with your smartphone or tablet.

Alternatively you can also open XENTRY Remote Diagnosis via the direct link:
(2) Purchase time slots

You will find available XENTRY Remote Diagnosis time slots in the XENTRY Shop.
Please note that the duration of the respective time slot starts immediately after purchase.

(3) Log in

Launch XENTRY Remote Diagnosis on your mobile device and add the app to your home screen so that you can access it conveniently at any time. Please note that this step may vary depending on your operating system.
You can then log in and start provided that data sharing consent has been received from the vehicle owner.

Log in to the systems WIS, ASRA

Username :
Password :


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