Software updates for COMAND allow you to add the latest information to the map data of the navigation systems in customer vehicles. In this section, you can download the latest software updates free of charge and burn them to a CD or DVD or save them on SD cards. Matching CD labels and CD case leaflets are also available for download.
Updates for the COMAND system
For downloads and burning CDs/DVDs, you need:
Blank CDs or DVDs (commercially available) – depending on download
CD cases (commercially available)
Printing equipment
CD/DVD burner and corresponding software to burn the software updates to CD-ROMs or DVDs (burner software should be previously installed on the computer)
Adobe Acrobat Reader (to open and print the CD cover)
You still have the option to order the software CDs/DVDs through the XENTRY Shop by supplying the special tool number.

The independent writing (and copying) of a CD/DVD can cause data loss, which could in turn damage COMAND and/or the navigation unit. Mercedes-Benz AG assumes no responsibility for errors which are due to a loss of data as a result of the writing/copying process. Mercedes-Benz AG assumes no liability for damage or loss due to the use or incorrect use of the information on the CD/DVD, and reserves the right to revise this information at any time without prior notice. Mercedes-Benz AG assumes no responsibility for errors and/or omissions in the information contained herein.

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