As of 30.11.2018, the current EPC application will be replaced by Parts Information.
Detailed information can be found under:
Service and Parts Information > Parts Information
Main pillars of the workshop
Our electronic parts catalog EPC, the Workshop Information System WIS and ASRA provide the service information inevitably needed for maintenance and repair orders: determining parts volumes, technical descriptions, repair instructions, information on operation texts, flat rates and work units. That way, service employees put a vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible.
Parts determined quickly - Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC)
The Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) provides assistance in determining replacement parts and part numbers. Advanced search and navigation functions let the service staff find the parts in no time at all.
Targeted instructions - Workshop Information System (WIS)
WIS contains detailed work instructions on repair work. It also informs service employees of vehicle-specific retrofitting campaigns and what effect they will have on maintenance or repair.
Valuable support - Information on operation and standard texts, flat rates and work units (ASRA)
ASRA is an electronic catalog for work units and flat rates.
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