Repair instructions and maintenance sheets from the source
The Workshop Information System (WIS) provides service employees with all of the technical descriptions they need to effectively carry out maintenance or repair services. Information which is always up-to-date and accurate allows service staff to work precisely and carry out their job correctly.
Which information and documentation is contained in WIS?
WIS contains all service and repair information for vehicles of the Mercedes-Benz (as of manufacture year 1985) and smart brands
Testing and repair work
Maintenance and care
Circuit diagrams* (electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic)
Service measures and instructions
Retrofitting and conversions
Test and adjustment values plus tightening torques
Filling capacities and specifications for operating fluids
Repair materials and tools
Forms and certificates
In addition, the MSS module (Maintenance Service System) integrated in WIS can be used to quickly and easily generate vehicle-specific maintenance sheets for all model series and vehicle categories.
* Please note that there are no circuit diagrams available in WIS for Mercedes-Benz model series 123, 124, 129, 140, 201, 202 (up to 05/1997).
In which languages is WIS available?
Both the language of the user interface and the language of the content can be selected by the user. The following languages are available in WIS:
German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Hungarian, Korean, Swedish, Greek, Czech, Romanian*, Russian*, Polish*, Turkish*, Japanese* and Chinese (simplified)*.
* Only some content is available in these languages. If individual documents are not available in the language selected in WIS, these documents are displayed in the language which has been preselected in WIS as an alternative language (e.g. English).

Web sites of body manufacturers (ABH)
The Web sites of body manufacturers (ABH) provide information on repair and service for the body on your Mercedes-Benz vehicles, in accordance with EU Regulation 64/2012.

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